Horng Yeuan’s Game Division possesses independent development potential, and harnesses gamification and advergames to call for the interest of the target audience via more creative means. Contact us if you share the same idea!
Game is part of our lives and culture. It calls for user’s interest and even attention, and gradually become something exciting in daily lives.

Advertisement and Marketing Based on Gamification

For Fun
Calls for interest on brand values
Occupies consumers’ attention
Community Interaction
Incorporated with marketing to call for involvement
O2O Marketing
Combination of virtual and physical resources for integral marketing

Resources We Provide

R&D effort
Development potential/Experience in console and mobile games
Virtual-physical integration
Virtual-physical integration and planning
Market analysis
Gamification marketing assessment
Multilingual translation
Multilingual game support

Case of Branding Gamification

Branding gamification was applied in displaying what’s special about Wutai, and the unique Wutai-style stores and commodity to expect.

Example of Gamification in Wutai-style Stores

 Impression of Wutai-style stores and commodity
With the traditions and culture of Wutai as the backbone
 Present the characteristics and background of local specialty



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