Horng Yeuan Digital Co., Ltd. (TPEx: 7513, the game business of the greatest potential in the stock market, recommended by the Ministry of Culture to register on Go-incubation Board in 2015). With a year of development, Designer Tribe (7513 Shopee) was launched in April 2017 to start Horng Yeuan’s electronic commerce effort. 
“7513” is not only Horng Yeuan’s TPEx stock code, but it also shows our firm belief and professionalism.
We offer more than Designer Tribe (7513 Shopee). We also created the 7513 (Celebrity) Collection to present the rare, precious, luxurious treasures, antique and artworks in hope of becoming the leader of such platform. 


All members of Horng Yeuan’s Electronic Commerce team are seasoned specialists with the following professional backgrounds:
Brand marketing, brand packaging, market planning
Media operation, commerce matching, excellent salesperson, experience in foreign companies, business developer
Programming, website backstage maintenance
graphic design, business design
Marketing image processing, video processing
Horng Yeuan’s all-purpose team helps client plan and precisely execute marketing goals!


1. Senior marketing specialist provides comprehensive marketing service
2. Assisting in starting cyber mall and developing mobile apps
3. Facilitating matching customers with appropriate commodities
4. Supporting customers in recording exclusive videos

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Address:8F-4, No.80, Minzu 1st Rd., Sanmin Dist., Kaohsiung City, Taiwan (R. O. C.)