Appreciation for reports of Game communities in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong, including Bahamut, Gamebase, Mofang, Uwants and 4Gamer!


    “Falsus Chronicle” developed by HorngYeuan Digital Team was just released on App Store, and it has attracted many players’ attention. I hereby express appreciation for news reports of game communities, including 4Gamer in Japan, Bahamut, Gamebase, Mofang in Taiwan and Uwants in Hong Kong.

    We uphold the spirit of our own independent development and intellectual property to challenge the increasingly competitive mobile gaming market, and aim at traditional RPG games, which Independent development teams in Taiwan seldom focus on. Additionally, we used the skill of Rogue-like, which is uncommon in Taiwan, to efficiently utilize limited resources in the small team to create a variety of game contents, and added the element of the strategic thinking to expect that players can have different feelings. Moreover, we appreciate players’ support!

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