The company was founded in the Republic of China in the 82nd year. In the 100 years, it is mainly engaged in the development, production and sale of application software, game software and peripheral products. Hongyuan Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. has been aiming to become an international power developer. From 2011 to 2013, the product focused on the home console PS3 and the portable device PS Vita. In 2014, it began to expand the smart mobile device market target, promising to Master more comprehensive pulsation.

While developing the game, in 2015, the Ministry of Culture also recommended an innovative creative concept to log onto the board, and will soon officially log in to the board in August 2016.

The digital entertainment team of Hongyuan is composed of a group of outstanding program developers, art designers and marketing planners. Not only does it have rich experience in game development, but it is also full of enthusiasm for the game industry. As a small game development team in southern Taiwan, we Efforts are made to align with the world and we expect to spread the soft power of Taiwan’s cultural creativity to all parts of the world.





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